My name is Nikola Vukasinovic. I have 15 years of experience in UX design and currently I'm working as a Creative director in leading Swiss full service agency. I'm also a speaker and a lecturer. 
Photo credits: Marko Milovanovic
People don’t give a shit about UX!
I've learned the people just don't care about the design and they notice it even less while using the product - the design is better. That knowledge gave me the correct perspective while designing things - a user's perspective.
When creating digital experiences, I'm always trying to find the perfect fit between business goals and users' needs.
What I'm currently doing?
I'm working as a Creative director in Namics, one of the leading Swiss full service digital agencies. For past few years I was involved in various projects like e-banking, styleguide creation, visual design and so on. These were done for the biggest Swiss and German clients, such as: UBS, Siemens, Swiss Life, Raiffeisen... 
I'm leading design team comprised of between two and five members.
What I was doing before?
Before I joined Namics (2015-2016), I was working as a lead UI/UX designer in Clark, digital insurance startup from Frankfurt, Germany. This fintech company is the only startup from Germany, on Bloomberg’s list of “50 most promising startups, one has never heard of”. 
And even before, I have been working as a freelancer - running my own small design studio for more than 10 years, servicing a worldwide clientele from - internet start-ups to well established industrial clients, such as: 
• Brlog / part of Bruketa&Zinic&Grey
• youngculture - part of NSM group
Besides, I had been working as a design teacher and today periodically, I'm running workshops and talking about design on meetups and in other occasions. I'm also a co-lead of Belgrade chapter of IxDA (probably the biggest global network of designers), trying to push things forward and bring people together.
My work process in shortest is: Becoming user's best friend
The process I'm following always begins with a deep understanding of the product and its users. In order to figure out that, I'm talking to stakeholders, doing a research or users' interviews. Afterwards, I'm creating personas and scenarios to find out how they're using the product. Based on the outcome, I'm putting together the user flows, designing rough wireframes and constructing prototypes in InVision or sometimes in Axure. Eventually - I open up the Sketch and begin with fine tuning of the design. 
I work in an agile environment, collaborating closely with product managers through Jira and for better understanding with developers, I'm documenting design in Zeplin or InVision.