Think of if you need a designer or a decorator?

When I'm starting with a project - I'm trying to deeply understand the product or the company I'm working for. And it's not some cliché I've read on the internet. The same way as a good actor would be preparing himself for a new role, I'm putting myself in the user's skin and trying to figure out what he might need and how he would feel. And then - just letting the design follow. Everything else is a decoration. 

Therefore, people don’t give a shit about the design! If they notice it even less while using the product - the design is better. So, the only perspective I have while making things, is user's perspective.
​​​​​​​I'm a designer

For past few years, I've been working as a Creative director in Namicsthe leading global digital agency for Siemens as a creative lead on the account.

Throughout the years, I had many different experiences, making me what I am today. I was working for start-ups e.g.
 Clark (the fastest-growing digital company in Germany in 2019) to well established industrial clients like UBS - the biggest Swiss bank (designing their e-banking).
I'm closely collaborating with developers, project managers or content creators on building various websites and apps. Also, I'm a speaker, lecturer and a co-lead of Belgrade chapter of IxDA (the biggest global network of designers), trying to push things forward and bring people together.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Few things I like:

• creating design systems
• keeping stakeholders closely involved
• running trails
Already considering hiring me? Smooth move!
If you noticed those sexy pics of me throughout the website, kudos goes to an amazing photographer and good friend of mine Marko Milovanovic aka 'Ninja'.